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  - Keep fans informed.
  - Keep teams organized.
  - Communicate.

Automated text messages,
bracket scheduling,
and so much more.
Great tournaments start with great communications.
What we do
TourneyText is a web application to organize and manage your tournament and communicate with teams, fans, and tournament staff.

Use TourneyText to set up your tournament. Use scheduling tools to set up pool play, brackets, single and double elimination, and so much more. The tool is flexible enough to handle any size tournament and any of your needs.

Use TourneyText to communicate. Coaches, parents, and other fans can send a quick text to sign themselves up for their team's scores and next game scheduling sent to them by text message from the TourneyText system. Tournaments even get their own web page with publicly viewable results.

Use TourneyText to coordinate. Our mobile messaging tools help eliminate confusion about game locations or game times and reduces the workload on tournament staff. Stop posting paper brackets during a tournament. Tournament staff can enter scores simply by sending a text message.

Use TourneyText to improve your tournament. TourneyText enhances the experience for teams and fans, reduces the costs related to setting up, managing, and organizing tournaments, provides efficient tournament-wide communication, and so much more.

The TourneyText system is completely web-based and perfect for running any size tournament for just about any sport.
Who we are
The Northeast Ohio Basketball Association (NEOBA) has joined Gigabark to make TourneyText a reality.

The mission of NEOBA is to mentor and build character in the lives of youth through the sport of basketball. Our purpose is to use basketball to teach the life skills necessary to become productive and successful members of society.
We at NEOBA have used the TourneyText system for our own tournaments and have seen its benefits in ensuring great event communication with teams and fans alike. We are proud to offer you TourneyText for your next event.

Gigabark provides phone calls, text messaging, and survey solutions to a variety of industries through our simple web-tool where users can plug and play themselves or through a custom built solution that can be automated to work with any existing database or software.


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